Who Would Have Thought???

It’s a special day and deserves a special post: I was wrong. The Supreme Court did the right thing in the recent decision to uphold “Obamacare.” There is hope for us all. This has always been the strength of the U.S. Constitution — an independent non-elected court that would decide constitutional issues. But this Court seemed to be subject to political pressures and has made several poor decisions — including but not limited to “Citizens United.” But this decision shows real promise.

The key vote was that of Justice Roberts, a conservative, who was expected to vote along party lines. He surprised everyone by voting with the liberals on the court. The following excerpt from a recent story about Roberts’ about-face is interesting and may help us understand why this might have happened:

While we may wait decades to know for certain, it does seem plausible that Roberts may have been partly triggered by a desire to prevent the court from being seen as overtly political. Polls showing public respect for the Supreme Court at a quarter-century low reflect the growing view that the justices pursue partisan agendas.

If this is the case, then it does bode well for the future of this Court. It decidedly should not be a political entity: it is designed to be a legal entity that is above politics. With this decision, there is hope that this is now the case.


6 thoughts on “Who Would Have Thought???

  1. It is a good day, although I think the Medicaid issue that has not been getting much press is interesting. In some ways, I worry that the court weakened the ability to use the commerce clause to pass important legislation in the future and punted the decision about whether or not to expnd Medicaid to the states, many of which will not choose to do it. Not to be Debby Downer, but I am not sure that we are in the clear. But it did restore some faith in the process – for now…Thanks for staying on top of this!

    • Yes, the reluctance to pass the burden along to the states is bothersome. It will be interesting to see what happens after — what is it, 2014?? Hugh


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