You Gotta Love It!

(I have decided to break my pattern of daily posts — not counting the blogs I re-blog — by writing about an incident that is about to happen. I have decided to do this because writing about what is about to happen seems to be in fashion these days. If I mistake the signs and portents, I will write an apology.)

The recent story about Mitt Romney’s ready response to the immanent Supreme Court decision (due today) on Obamacare, as it is called, was most interesting. It says, in part,

No matter how the Supreme Court rules on President Obama’s health care law on Thursday, Mitt Romney already has a response to the court’s decision: Obamacare was a “bad policy” that diverted the president’s attention away from the more important issue of getting the nation’s unemployed back to work.

What we have here is a response to an event that has not yet occurred in a news story about something that is not yet news! You gotta love it! We now live in an age in which things happen before they happen (hence this blog!). We don’t even need to wait to see what happens; we can simply read about it beforehand and then go back to watching sit-coms on TV. Wonderful!

But we all know (a) what the Supreme Court will (has) decide(d) on health care. They will almost certainly rule against the “mandate” which will pretty much make the matter a dead issue. And we also know that (b) Romney will turn this (and any other issue) into an attack on Obama’s “failure” to deliver the country from an economic mess that his predecessor left behind — though the latter element of the story will be carefully ignored.

It is true that politicians have become predictable. But it is also true that the central issue in this election is not the economy — contrary to what you may have heard — but national priorities. We simply cannot continue to do “business as usual” and must begin to consider alternatives to our unmitigated thirst for “things” and our determination to live in a grand style while others around us, and the earth itself, suffer from neglect.

The good news is that we can do both at the same time: we can inject life into a tired economy by putting our efforts into renewables and clean energy (there’s a sleeping giant out there ready to be wakened) thereby putting people back to work while at the same time we help bring the earth back to life and restore our own sense of worth. Now THAT would be newsworthy!

4 thoughts on “You Gotta Love It!

  1. Great post. It will be interesting to observe the political rhetoric on both siddes regardless of what is decided. We are talking about people’s health, which is so personal, but it has become such a political football.

    • Indeed it has! There is some truth in Romney’s charge that Obama spent too much time trying to push his health care package through — given the results. It’s a bit of a camel, a product of compromise and deals with various special interests. But it is certainly something we need, though I doubt it will get by this Court!


  2. I found it extremely interesting that before the Court decision, opponents of the Affordable Care Act were derisively calling it “Obamacare.” After the decision, they took to calling it the “Affordable Care Act” so that they didn’t give any credit whatsoever to Obama, and Obama and many proponents took to calling it Obamacare. Ah, the difference just a few minutes and some words by someone else can make in life.

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