Beautiful Blogger Award!

Holly Michael who is herself a beautiful blogger has nominated me for this award and I give her my sincere thanks. I hope the adjective applies to the blog: it certainly does not apply to the blogger! But the rules are that I tell readers seven things (I love that: seven things!) and nominate other bloggers. So here goes.

1. I also love chocolate (Holly’s weakness).

2. I am a sports nut and will watch anything on TV that is vaguely related to sports. Just ask my wife!

3. I have two sons and four granddaughters whom I am very proud of and a wife I have loved for more than 50 years. I don’t know why she puts up with me!

4. I am a reading addict — even more than a sports addict! But I am a selective reader. Once I find an author I like I read everything he or she wrote.

5. I am not a “people-person.” I am in idea person. I am at my best when alone and thinking things through. (Refer back to #3!)

6. I am sick to death of politics as usual and keep hoping someone will emerge who takes the country in his or her hands and gives the finger to the corporations that are ruining this country.

7. I really don’t like writing things about myself!

And now for the important part of the award: Here are some special people whose blogs I read regularly and who are excellent writers who have important things to say:

newsofthetimes. She has a great many well deserved awards already as her readers love her. But I don’t think she has this one! She deserves more.

musingsofanoldfart. One of the clearest and most careful thinkers I have read in a long time. And one who makes a real attempt to be as objective and fair as possible when dealing with complex issues.

carrpartyoffive. A very funny lady who is a delight to read and always has something interesting to say.

seapunk2. A delightful writer and photographer who has most interesting things to say about herself and her unusual way of life.

mindful stew. a teacher who does everything he can to make himself a better teacher — and who opens our eyes to the difficulties of working with young kids every day.

circlesunderstreetlights. A creative writer who writes delightful short pieces that evoke images and emotions that touch us all.

Jennifer Worrell. The funniest writer I have read in a very long time — and I love a good laugh. This is why I look forward to Jennifer’s blogs and to carrpartyoffive. Both are excellent and great fun.

And thanks again to Holly Michael for the nomination.


19 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award!

  1. Dear Hugh,
    You are just the nicest guy!!!
    I so appreciate your support. I’m such a goofball, and it’s reassuring that somebody “gets” my brain!
    I LOVED your seven things. You should tell us about yourself more often!
    Thanks so much, friend.

  2. Congratulations! What a well-deserved award you received! I really appreciate the shout-out as well! So nice of you to think of me:)

  3. Hi Hugh. Thanks kindly for nominating me. And I must say that I laughed SO HARD, at your “gives the finger” comment. So unexpected, so hilarious!!
    As to the beautiful part, it’s what’s inside that matters. 😀

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