Pointing The Finger

In a provocative story in HuffPost we find the Republicans blaming hurricane Sandy for the predicted loss of their Presidential candidate. Instead of talking of the devastation and suffering the storm has caused, or the likelihood that this storm is the first vivid sign for a great many people that the planet is in fact in danger, the talk instead in the Republican camp — especially by “Republican strategist” (read “mega-doner”) Karl Rove — is about how the storm halted their candidate’s momentum. Consider Rove’s comment:

“If you hadn’t had the storm, there would have been more of a chance for the [Mitt] Romney campaign to talk about the deficit, the debt, the economy,” Rove said. “There was a stutter in the campaign. When you have attention drawn away to somewhere else, to something else, it is not to his [Romney’s] advantage.”

Obviously this comment was made prior to election day. It would suggest that the brain trust within the Republican party was reading the handwriting on the wall and preparing to find someone or something to blame for their loss. It can’t possibly be the result of their man’s inherent inconsistency, his recurring gaffes, his ineptitude, or his proclivity for telling untruths and then denying that they are untruths. It has to be the Frankenstorm…… or something.

I find this story interesting on two counts. To begin with, it suggests that these people are more disturbed about the storm’s impact on the election than on the thousands of people who are struggling to put their lives back together after the worst storm to hit the Northeast in recorded history, or the fact that this storm portends future catastrophes that might in fact dwarf this one. Secondly, it suggests a mind-set that looks for excuses somewhere else: it’s not us, it’s them (or in this case, it). The lack of sympathy for the victims is especially galling. Note the further comment:

Putting all campaigning aside, [New Jersey Gov.] Christie repeatedly commended Obama’s outreach and support in a rare show of bipartisanship — the kind the president has been promising to pursue if he wins a second term. Earlier on Saturday, Politico reported that the Romney campaign was frustrated by Christie’s recent show of affection for Obama, another sign that they felt their candidate had been placed in a losing position on account of the storm.

Again the lack of sympathy for their fellow humans and nothing kind to say about one of their own who had the audacity to show his gratitude to a politician from the other party. Christie, as expected, apologized to the Republican leadership and came back quietly into the fold. He aspires, after all, to be the Republican Presidential candidate the next time around. In any event I don’t yet know who will be our next President. But I sincerely hope it is a man who has people around him who have their priorities straight, who know what is important — that the suffering of their fellow humans is more important than winning an election. And I also hope they are people who are willing to take responsibility for their actions.

8 thoughts on “Pointing The Finger

  1. Christie apologized?? omg. say it ain’t so!! but, you’re right, all they can think about is losing. The lack of compassion is typical….and appalling.

  2. Hugh, I think your second set of italics is the key message. Obama showed leadership, compassion and competence which is exactly what Christie and his residents needed. During Katrina, Obama’s predecessor and his FEMA did the exact opposite. I rarely quote Keith Olberman who tends to be over the top, but he said Katrina was Bush’s greatest failure. And, another thing, I read a poll today about conservatives not wanting government doing certain things. I find this to be horseshit for the most part. If they have a need, they will want help. Thanks for running this, BTG

    • I have always thought that an interesting irony. The conservatives don’t want the government to help — until they need it!


  3. Christi, claims to be his own man, until he isn’t. Fox pushed him a great deal to get back in the fold, personally, I would have respected him more had he just maintained his stance.

    The Repubs are going to be all over the map with their excuses for losing, but in the end, we all know the blame will fall squarely on Romney, deservedly so. Unfortunately, there will be no inward soul searching, no efforts at cleansing the party of its far right ldealogues, and it will remain the dwindling party of old, white guys. It will take a wholesale cleaning house, i.e. huge loss of seats, for them to realize they need to move closer to the center.

    Romney’s closing speeches yesterday just make me ill, for once again he is flopping to the middle, that he is a centrist, wants to work for everybody, etc etc. If he realizes the only path to victory is the center, then why can’t his party?

    Great post, and I for one will be glad when this is over. Now here’s a thought, what if Jan 20, 2013 comes along, and it still isn’t over???

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