Buck Up!

In the superb sit-com “The Big Bang Theory” when Leonard turns for help to his mother, a renown psychiatrist, she will tell him: “Buck Up!” If he asks for more, she will tell him to “Buck Up, Sissypants!” If that doesn’t work, she will tell him to read one of her books available on Amazon.

One of the basic rules of participatory democracy is that we get involved in elections, vote for the candidate of our choice and if that person doesn’t win we accept the consequences. One of the unwritten rules in Civics 101 is that participation necessitates acceptance of the results. The same rule applies in sports. We can’t agree to play and then get pissed off when we or our favorite get beaten and then crawl into a corner and sulk. It is obvious that this rule has not been explained to a great many voters in this country who are pissed off and sulking. Some have become downright nasty. We read about John Schnatter, millionaire owner of a pizza franchise, who threatens to raise the prices of his products and cut back his workers’ hours because of the election; we read about the owner of a coal mine who lays off 50 of his employees — taking his frustrations out on those who would work for him; we read about thousands of people who sign petitions to have their states secede from the Union. To all of these people, I say with Leonard’s Mom: “Buck Up, Sissypants!”

But the following story takes the cake. You can’t make this stuff up!

PHOENIX (Reuters) – An Arizona woman, in despair at the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama, ran down her husband with the family car in suburban Phoenix on Saturday because he failed to vote in the election, police said on Monday.

Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested after running over husband Daniel Solomon following a wild chase that left him pinned underneath the vehicle.

Daniel Solomon, 36, was in critical condition at a local hospital, but is expected to survive, Gilbert police spokesman Sergeant Jesse Sanger said.

Police said Daniel Solomon told them his wife became angry over his “lack of voter participation” in last Tuesday’s presidential election and believed her family would face hardship as a result of Obama winning another term.

Witnesses reported the argument broke out on Saturday morning in a parking lot and escalated. Mrs Solomon then chased her husband around the lot with the car, yelling at him as he tried to hide behind a light pole, police said. He was struck after attempting to flee to a nearby street.

Obama won the national election with 332 electoral votes compared with 206 for Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Arizona’s 11 electoral votes were won by Romney.

To be sure, the Republican strategy during the campaigns was to keep hitting the “jobs and economy” button, trying to scare people into voting for their man who was said to be the only one on earth who could fix things that had gone wrong under the sitting President. After the election, one religious zealot actually said that Mitt Romney’s loss was a good thing because if he had won people would have thought him another Moses come to lead his people to the promised land!

To be sure there is some fear at work in Holly Solomon’s damaged mind along with rage and deep disappointment. But, let’s face it folks, there is also a good dose of racial hatred in this as well– along with some pent-up anger at her husband, no doubt. Combine these powerful emotions and you get aberrant behavior that starts at the low end of mere petulance and goes to the extreme of running over your partner with the family car. To these people I say: “Buck Up, Sissypants.”

7 thoughts on “Buck Up!

  1. Good morning! You have given me several chuckles; the first was your comment about the “Wild About Monkeys” post. thanks! it took a while to figure out how to make the sound cloud work, but it was worth it. i’m hard headed like that sometimes!

    as i read your post, i thought (as i have so many times), “What must the world think of our country?” we are judged by our actions, and wow, are we ever giving the world a show!

    surely the woman’s wrath was triggered by one final straw that tipped it all into motion. that’s no excuse, but wow, there has to be more to that story!

    thanks, as always, for a great read!

  2. I have to challenge you just a bit on this one. While I was not compelled to run down anyone who did not vote or who did vote for Obama, I felt a great sense of disappointment after the election and I truly do not feel my disappointment was linked to racial hatred. You, nor I, can truly understand the motivation of this woman. Her behavior was inexcusable, but her true motivation unknown to us all. Following Obama’s first election win, I was disappointed, but I had a sense of hope that his politics and policies would prove me wrong. Following this win, I did not have the sense of hope. I have made my choice of candidate based on reason and not emotion, in much the same way I assume you made your choice. It is just bit insulting to be often grouped in with religious zealots for exercising my right as an American to make a different choice. (I am not saying you are including me in this zealot group, but others have). I am definitely not better off after four years with Obama in office. Nevertheless, I will “buck up,” and pray for our country and our President even though he was not my choice.

    • Thank you, Katy. My guess about the woman’s motive (and I agree it was a guess) is based on a recent study that reveals that more than half of this country has deep-seated racial prejudice. But I assuredly don’t know what her damaged mind thought she was accomplishing or what her motive might have been. I doubt that she did!


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