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I have come to the conclusion that blog awards are a bit empty. Friends give friends awards because they like their blogs. But every now and again someone you admire and are happy to have reading your blog sends you an award and it really means something. I have posted a few of these in the past and just received one recently that I truly appreciate. It says I have been given the “Blog of The Year” award and despite the fact that a number of others apparently received the same award, I relish it and want to spread the joy. So I will mention, as required, the original site from which the award originates: here. And I will cite the giver of the award, Barney of “Views From The Hill, an excellent blogger in his own right and one who makes frequent insightful comments on my blogs.

Additionally I would like to nominate several other blogs that deserve this award. They are well written and provide both delight and substance. If you haven’t already tried them, I urge you to do so.

1.circlesunderstreetlights. This woman writes fiction and I mean she WRITES fiction.

2. Zebra designs. This blogger is an artist who reveals dimensions of our world which we would otherwise miss. Fun stuff!

3. BTG is a thoughtful and concerned citizen who writes thought-provoking blogs that are worthy of wider distribution.

4. newsofthetimes. My favorite blogger who always sees the glass half full and keeps me smiling (which is no mean feat!).

5.EMILY. Emily January is a busy women who reads a great deal and shares her takes on the books with us. Her choices of reading material are what make this blog most interesting.

So I thank Barney for the award and hope readers will reach out to the above bloggers. It will make your world a brighter and more interesting place.

9 thoughts on “Blog Award

  1. Hugh, this is lovely – and I second Emily’s comments above; it means a lot coming from you because it’s delivered with sincerity and thought. So thank you – for being such a fabulous reader, and for this wee award! x

  2. Wow!!! Thank you Hugh!! I am so honored. I have adored getting to know you and your work this year and you know that you would have topped my list if Barney hadn’t already sent this your way. 🙂 Thank you so much!! Keep up the great work.

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