Embrace the ‘Morrow!

Has it struck you that it is a bit curious to see people buying weapons and stockpiling foodstuff to prepare for an angry tomorrow when many of them don’t think tomorrow will come? The English call these people the “nutters.” I refer, of course, to the brew-ha-ha out there about the end of the world that was to have come on the winter solstice. Apparently just in case the world doesn’t end as the Mayans predicted, some people want to be prepared for the worst. Moreover, the “worst” in their minds seems to be earthquakes, flood, and other maniacs carrying guns.

In the wake of the shootings in Newtown there has been a flurry of activity in the nutter-world (not to mention the world of the NRA — or is THAT the “nutter-world”?): a frenzy of blogging activity, mountains of rhetoric, much tearing-out of hair, beating of the chest, and crazy proposals aplenty. The HuffPost just notified me by email that some Minnesota legislators have proposed a law requiring that all school teachers in Minnesota carry weapons. The idea is apparently that if shooting someone is a bad idea, the more who can do it the merrier. That makes about as much sense as the law in Minnesota increasing speed limits on country roads in order to slow down the traffic. I kid you not: that’s what the legislature did in this state. But Minnesota politicians aren’t the only ones vying for the Darwin Award for stupidity: the Congress of the United States refuses to pass tough gun restrictions while at the same time they require metal detectors to protect themselves from gun-carrying maniacs. Emerson once said that consistency is the hob-goblin of tiny minds. I would say that inconsistency is the hob-goblins of mindless idiots.

There are times when one wants to crawl into a hole and hide. I remember the day when I was proud to say I live in Minnesota where the people, for the most part, are smart enough to do the right thing most of the time and where they tend to vote for remarkable politicians like Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale. Now they vote for people like Michelle Bachman and talk about arming the teachers. And not long ago the legislature passed a law permitting all and sundry to carry concealed weapons. Sigh.

All of the evidence supports the view that more people carrying weapons will result in more deaths, though the NRA would have us ignore the data and just listen to Charlton Heston. Surely, what we are seeing is simply the way some people express their fear and even, perhaps, their grief over the deaths of very young children. Cooler heads will prevail in the end, will they not? Eh?

In any event, I write this on the eve of the coming of the end of the world confident that tomorrow will come and I will greet it with open arms ( though I will not be carrying any — tomorrow or even the day after). I hasten to add in closing, as a fellow-blogger from Australia reminds me, it was tomorrow yesterday in that part of the world. Were the Mayan’s aware of that, I wonder?

5 thoughts on “Embrace the ‘Morrow!

  1. You rewarded me with several smirks, the first was ” the Darwin Award for stupidity” and the final ” it was tomorrow yesterday in that part of the world” — About ten minutes before reading this, I pondered the latter as well.

    You address so many great issues. When people react with fear, that means the bad guys have power over us. It’s not good to find so many people in a defensive stance, waiting/hoping for a chance to fight back. I reflect way back to Stephen King’s, “Needful Things,” and I am wistful to hold a copy in my hands and refresh my memory on how clever the can be at manipulating others. May we not turn on each other.

    • Amen to that! But I suspect this too will pass. The nation is in a whirl and just isn’t thinking straight at the moment — though there seem to be a great many who don’t know how to think straight. Let’s hope the air clears and we end up with tougher gun regulations. That would be a good thing.


  2. I like what you said about sometimes wanting to hide. This reminded me of a conversation going around my neighborhood in which the some of the mothers have decided not to tell their children about the Sandy Hook tragedy and have made deals with each other not to tell. What do you think of that? It strikes me as hiding your head in the sand and pretending that bad things don’t happen to good people.

  3. *pause*
    ….all is calm.
    ….all is bright.
    Hoping this becomes a true story…but ending cynically with that fancy song by our very own Made-in-America Jiminy Cricket “Fairy tales can come true….”

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