This is why I love humanity …

Every now and again we need to remember that there are good people out there! I am re-blogging this from Alastair’s Blog.


9 thoughts on “This is why I love humanity …

  1. there truly are so many wonderful people on the planet, and they help offset the ugly. my favorites were the envelope on the door instead of the red cross, and the note to the parents of the small child (paying for their meal.)

    they were all wonderful photo stories!

    happy new year!

  2. Hugh, thanks so much for bringing this site to my attention. I also re-blogged it, this message needs to get out there far and wide, particularly on this new day of this new year. What with all the killings and the politics and the greed, I’ve been feeling discouraged about the human condition. This post helped me to feel encouraged once again.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!

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