Snow And Zeebra

We have had snow on the ground since mid-December here in Southwest Minnesota. So my thoughts naturally turn to my friend in sunnier climes. She calls herself “Z” but I know what her name really is. I have seen it at the bottom of her paintings and her photographs as well. She is an artist with her eye open to the world around her which she presents to us with great joie de vivre and vibrant color. Indeed, it is her eye for color that strikes me the most: her work is a delight and her blogs are always worth a visit — as growing numbers of people are coming to realize.

I know Z only by her blogs and her comments on my blogs, which are frequent, almost daily.Β  She has a problem with her electricity down there in Ecuador, especially during the rainy season, and she can’t always get her computer to work. But it’s worth the wait and her comments are always interesting and thoughtful. She delights in her world but is aware of its flaws as well. My blogs can be a bit dour at times, but she continues to read them and make insightful comments. When I taught philosophy I usually tried to inject a little humor into the class discussion — not jokes (I can’t tell a joke to save my life) but things I find amusing about the topic I happen to be addressing — try to lighten things up a bit. I sneak such asides into my blogs from time to time. Z “gets” my peculiar sense of humor and frequently comments on my attempt at humorous asides. In fact, I find myself thinking of her when I write them these days, hoping she will get a chuckle.

I always loved teaching aesthetics when I was at the university. They were some of my favorite classes. My mother was an artist, I can draw a bit, and thanks to my good friend, the artist Ed Evans, the art students at the university were required to take the course in aesthetics as part of their art major. That in itself was unusual, because a course in philosophy is not that easy for people who are intuitive and (as we say) right-brain oriented. Philosophy can be a bit like swimming through glue even for those who are good swimmers. But I have always preferred to interact with thinkers who combine different ways of thinking about their world. It is much more interesting. And Z is that type of person. The art majors I taught always surprised me and a number of them did extremely well and remain my friends to this day. Do I need to say I have a special place in my heart for artists?

In any event, if you have not visited “Playamart” (also referred to as “Zeebra Designs and Destinations”) you owe it to yourself to visit her blog and learn about Z’s world. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. I have no idea how she finds the time to post such a stunning, fascinating blog nearly every day while continuing to paint — and with a computer that doesn’t always cooperate! In any event, it was no wonder to find out recently that she has over 500 followers. Her part of the world is tropical Ecuador, but it opens up into the world we all share and the joy Z takes in her world is infectious. She hopes that you will emerge from her world with a “lighter heart,” and it is very likely you will. It is time well spent.


23 thoughts on “Snow And Zeebra

  1. Sometimes Life presents us with hurdles that we fear we’ll never clear. We try our best, and we usually clear them. If not, we try again. We adjust our attitude and wonder what went wrong. We reflect. We might not appreciate those hurdles, and we ponder going around them or wish someone would move them out of our way, but it’s our duty to do our best, and wow, how great it feels to look back and marvel – “I did this!’

    Hugh, you have addressed the above concept regarding children and sports, and that children need to learn the value of working hard to achieve goals. If someone moves the hurdles out of our way, we don’t learn skills that help us squeeze the best out of Life.

    Sometimes Life presents us with unexpected rewards. We cross paths, visually or virtually, with people who touch our lives in positive ways. I am honored and sobered that you find my life worthy of such praise. I am also honored to be part of a huge circle of people you have touched through your own unique ways of presenting the world to us. Presently, while in right-brained mode, I am watching herons and egrets and blackbirds surf downstream on rainy-season flotsam while you’re sorting through daily events and keeping me informed – and oftentimes amused!

    Thank you!

    Z πŸ™‚

    (I have learned to first ‘copy’ before posting a comment, as often times with slow internet, the comment swirls around then kicks back with an ‘error’ message! hopefully this one will find its way to your post!)

  2. I’ve often read her comments on your posts, and always enjoyed them. Thanks for the push to finally sign up to follow her site. I know I’ll enjoy it.

  3. Z, is a welcome commenter anytime. I enjoy reading your posts for two reasons – one they make me think, plus you draw comments from people with good observations. Well done to you both, BTG

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  5. I am also an avid follower of Z and her world with the magic of cyberspace. Like you I am amazed at the patience and perseverance it must take to grapple with the vagaries of poor connections and yet she shows us so many beautiful photos of her world and her beautiful art. I found your blog from Zeebras and now I will enjoy taking a stroll round your part of the blogosphere

  6. To know the Zeebra in person is such a grand adventure. She was by my side while I adjusted to my new life in Costa Rica. She gave so much and taught me so much, I miss her dearly but am so happy to be able to connect through cyberspace – not the best but it gives me comfort to know she is close in one.

  7. We met Zebra through her posts before coming to Ecuador, but now we are blessed to have had her in our home. Life is made more beautiful and meaningful through interaction with people like Lisa – our friend. Thank you for paying her tribute.

  8. I have followed Z and learn something every time I read a blog of hers. What an appropriate tribute to her and her gift of art from someone who truly appreciates “how her mind and talent” work. I believe you both complement each others beautifully.

  9. I am sooo proud to be able to say that “Z” is my baby sister. She has always been such a special person, not just as a sister, but as a very very caring and loving person. We were very close growing up, and although we live many many miles from one another, she continues to be such an inspiration and very important part of my life. She has given me great advice over the past year and I treasure every email and bit of correspondence I get from her. She touches the lives and hearts of so many. My boyfriend Steve has loved reading everything he can find that she has written. He greatly admires her talents and feels he knows her though they have never met. He too finds her to be one of God’s very special people, an angel on earth.

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