Fare Thee Well!

This will be my final post. I have enjoyed the run and it has been especially fun to get involved with a small but interesting group of bloggers whom I will assuredly miss — especially the big tall guy, the beautiful lady from across the pond who circles under street lights, Barney, and the immensely gifted Zeebra from Ecuador. But in order to write my blogs I routinely peruse the news looking for outrageous events to vent about and I find it is increasing the stress levels in my life — especially of late. I don’t need that. I recently had a scare when I was rushed by ambulance to the emergency room with a suspected heart attack. Fortunately, it was not that serious, but it was stress-related. It was a genuine scare for both me and my wife. And it was a wake-up call. So call it “health reasons,” but I will be cutting most ties to WordPress — for better or worse. I wish all of you the very best and do hope the world takes a turn for the better. Like Candide, I now go off to “cultivate my garden.”


29 thoughts on “Fare Thee Well!

  1. You will be missed Hugh. I am sorry to see you go 😦 I do understand your reasoning though. If you decided to come back, we’ll be waiting.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. I’m sorry you are going, and will miss your interesting comments. I do hope your stress levels will improve and that you can get back to good health again. Some people find that venting gets rid of stress, and others find that it works them up more. Just hope the rest will do you good. Cheerio, Tony

  3. Wake-up calls get our attention, and yours certainly frightened you and your entire family and loved ones. I was told last week that the elevation of 5,000 feet was perfect for keeping a healthy heart. I’d never heard of that before, but it made me ponder an offer to move to that area of the country! One can never be too proactive when it comes to attention to our health.

    Someone told me several years ago about his lifelong friend who died suddenly from a heart attack; he was on the pitcher’s mound during a weekend scrimmage. My friend said, ‘That’s it; I quit (work) and I’m moving to Ecuador (where they owned land) while I am still able to enjoy life.’ He walked away from a powerful job and seems very happy in his retirement.

    My last wake-up call was ten years ago when I lost my vision for 24 hours; most likely related to aspartame (Nutra Sweet) – that visual nightmare was the second one associated w/aspartame, I realized how difficult my life would be if I could no longer see; life in the campo would most likely come to a halt.

    Your wake-up call has prompted you to wean away from the immersion in research that keeps a good soul way too close to the evil ones. You’ve done far more share of slaying dragons than most of us have, and you deserve less-stressful leisure time! Please let us know the really good books (in your future) that bring smiles to your heart!

    I will miss your morning wisdom but am so honored for the many times your posts have enhanced the quality of my days.

    • Thanks, Z. I appreciate your kind words. I may return at a later date to post an occasional word or two. I do know I will miss the daily visits with friends.


  4. You will most certainly be missed. I understand the stress from the news, I periodically have to take a break from it all, also. I will miss your insight and perspective, but know that you are moving on to a better space. I wish you well, and hope to see an occasional piece from time to time, not about the news, but about life. Thanks for the memories…

  5. So very sorry to see you go! I can understand your reasons. I take occasional breaks away from media entirely, just to save my sanity and reduce my stress-levels. Perhaps you can return one day with a different focus. Your perspective is unique and I will miss it. Happy gardening and best wishes to you and your family.

  6. Like your other friends here note, I will greatly miss your morning comments and the reconnection this blog has offered us.

    I must say, however, I have worried about the level of commitment and energy your blog required (a full time job no less) but chalked it up in my mind to “That’s the way Hugh approaches(ed) everything he did from tennis to teaching.” (Not so sure about golf!)

    Just wondering, friend, if there isn’t some middle ground between 0 and 100…instead of daily blogs, a weekly offering? Instead of a well reasoned, fully developed daily polemic, an occasional observation, a question, a probe? Something to retain contact with your many friends and offer your very creative and active mind outlet.

    Of course take care of yourself first, and if that means “cold turkey,” so be it, but do give yourself permission to jog a little from time to time even if you chose or need to set aside the marathon!

    With best wishes…

    • Thanks, Ben. I expect an occasional post might be in the cards. I simply must stay away from the extremely depressing daily news!


  7. Hugh, you have been one of the joys to blogging. I appreciate your head and heart. As an aside, I had a healthscare on my 44th BD. Like yours, it was not a heart attack, but was stress related. My doctor’s called it an adrenalin crash after a particular hectic week. Like Ben said, if you could share an occasional post, we won’t miss you as much. I find the blogging a way to vent (as also my emails to legislators), but that is me. Take care of yourself and all the best. You will be missed, so please stay in touch. You are true blue. BTG

    • Thanks, BTG. You are one of the reasons I enjoyed writing the blogs. Your comments and your own blogs were (and are) a very positive thing in a world gone askew!


  8. Hugh, I am sorry to read this, but I understand. Having gone through health scares of my own and worse — much of it triggered by stress, anxiety — I have tried to learn that you’ve got to take care of your own health first before you can do anyone else much good. You need to be there for your family, those closest to you.

    But leave with your head up, knowing this blog has been important and, on many days, necessary — we may not be able to change all that’s wrong with the world, but those who care about the world should speak out on its behalf. And you did.

    Indeed, you should take heart in that you did find a really effective and thoughtful way of doing just that with the blog. It may have run its course, but you said some really important things over the course of it, and reached people in a lot of different places. It’s a nice capstone to your career of educating and engaging — teaching, coaching, your books and the blog. You have made a difference!

  9. There just has to be a “happy medium” here, she said selfishly.

    Reading all the other comments…I’m not the only reader of yours who will miss everything about…the time and effort you spent enriching not only our lives with your “everyday” missives…but our level of unbiased information (they were unbiased, right?) on political issues, as well.

    I know you’ll take a break however, as in any good friendship, you’ll want to know what’s on the grill and who is buying the beer…..I’m going to wait for your return even if, as Z suggested, you show up with a book in hand. That would be nice. Really nice…..

  10. Thanks Professor. Your comments will always be welcomed. Stop by from time to time to chat. I have one coming in the near future which might mention some tennis players.

  11. Hugh, you certainly will be missed. You’re my critical thinking Guru and have taught me much. Thankyou for all your comments and your insights and like the others I do hope you pop in every now again with a post, not to comment on the news, but to let us know how you are doing. Take care, Hugh and enjoy the down time ~ Judy

  12. I am going to miss your regular remarks. When I have been too busy to read your blog in ‘realtime’, I stocked them away for later reading, but never trashed them. We all understand your call to action and encourage you to watch after your own health as a priority. One joy in reading your comments is how widely read you are. You have continued to broaden my life with exposure to thoughts, people and issues I might not otherwise encounter. I suspect your development of thorough reading habits will not change….and I also suppose you will still get upset over issues that do not make sense, but at least you will not have to dwell on the issues and polish the ‘arguments’ for us out here in the ‘masses’. We will miss your word-smithed essays. We all wish you a very happy and healthy future! Bruce

  13. Hugh, many in the Spanish-speaking community of San Diego say at the departure of another, Vaya con Dios. Go with God. You have been such an important part of my life. Your importance to me goes far beyond your blog. You have been my teacher, my mentor and my friend. You have been at the center of my intellectual development and growth for the past decade and I am forever grateful for your willingness to embrace me as part of your life. I had a father who worked at a blue collar job. He was a simple man who was never given a chance in life to develop his abilities or to use his gifts fully. In his way, he cared for his family, the men of the union he worked for and his church. In his later years, he came to know the love of God as a result of his own wake-up call. That is my prayer for you. Vaya con Dios, Hugh Curtler. Go with God and be at peace. He knows you and loves you.

  14. I certainly understand. I’ve been fortunate in my life that I’ve never really let anyone or anything get to me. I think I learned very early in life that it just wasn’t worth it.

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