Love and Hate


Things I hate.

. People who drive while on their cell phones.

People who talk loudly in public on their cell phones.

. People who talk on their cell phones while at a public restaurant with other folks at the same table.

. Cell phones.

. People who have WAY more than 12 items in the express lane at the grocery store.

. Cars that cruise at or below the limit in the passing lane in four-lane traffic.

. Cars that pull on to the four-laner when both lanes are occupied.

. Male actors and models who need a shave. (Make up your mind: Either shave entirely or grow a beard.)

. People who screw up and smile and say “Sorry ’bout that.”

. Parents who can’t (or simply won’t) control their kids in public.

. Loud noise issuing forth from the open windows of a passing car.


Things I love.


. My wife, two sons, and four granddaughters.

. Beautiful sunsets and sun rises.

. Beautiful music.

. Lively and imaginative art.

. Lively and imaginative people.

. Great books.

. Extraordinary athletic feats in any sport.

. Puppies.

. British mysteries.

. The smell of newly cut grass.

. Spending time with my wife.

. The comments made on my blog by some of my favorite readers.





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