‘Nuff Said

I have remarked ad nauseam about the absurdity of Division I athletics which have nothing whatever to do with what colleges and universities are supposed to be all  about. Indeed, I have even gone so far as to say that they detract from what the colleges and universities are supposed to be all about. For those who still have any lingering doubts, there is this little tidbit that was published in this week’s Sports Illustrated under the heading of “Go Figure.”

“$792,845.68. Total cost of an eight-day exhibition trip to the Bahamas last August for Kentucky basketball players, coaches, staff, and 57 boosters. Among the individual costs was a $23,855.50 reception dinner.”

Meanwhile there are people out there living in cardboard boxes and scrounging around for food in garbage cans. One would like to think that a college education would sensitize young men and women to the plight of the disadvantaged, but it is doubtful as long as they are treated like royalty. Such treatment cannot help but turn their heads — which are already half-way up their butts.


8 thoughts on “‘Nuff Said

  1. Of course, Kentucky basketball is beyond big business – it is a religion, so I am sure their fans would not complain. They should for all the reasons you note, but won’t.

    You might find of interest there are two former student-athletes who are suing the Univ. of North Carolina for parading them through no-show classes. They are contending they were denied an opportunity for education.

    Being sued might be the reason that cleans up some issues. Potentially losing accreditation does not seem to do the trick by itself.

    On a different matter, I saw where Penn State (and Joe Paterno) had 112 victories restored to their record due to a settled lawsuit. To me this shows what winning is worth to big time college athletics, that we care about past wins as much as kids who were raped by a coach.

    • Yeah. I noted that they were going to restore Paterno’s games — and resurrect the statue of JoePa as well. It is clear where their priorities are. Let’s hope the threat of a law suit works. Or is it too little too late?

  2. lucky for me that the usb modem/internet decided to come out of its coma tonight, as you know what part of this post gave me a grand chuckle! you’re right, hugh, and i’m shocked that they have no qualms about spending that much money.

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