Conservative Types

There are at least two different types of conservative, the “intellectual conservative,” and the “dollar conservative.” The former wants to conserve the very best of the past and learn from it going forward into an uncertain future. The latter, of course, simply wants to make more and more money. Please don’t confuse the two.

I have posted a number of blogs critiquing the dollar-conservatives, those types the wealthy Republican Teddy Roosevelt described as the “predatory rich,” those “mere money-getting Americans, insensible to every duty, regardless of every principle, bent only on amassing a fortune.” These are the folks who don’t want to pay taxes — except to support “defense” — and want to tear down the agencies of government that are designed to control our mindless determination to destroy the planet, all in the name of greater profits. I have noted the obvious fact that taxes, while there is assuredly waste, are the glue that binds this society together; among other things, they go to support those agencies that have been put in place to fill the void created by the “predatory rich.” Moreover, they help those who are in greater need than those who pay them, to wit, people, like you and me who have come on hard times and need a hand up.

This country was never healthier, financially, than right after the Second World War when the wealthy paid their fair share of their wealth into taxes. They now pay little or nothing at a time when there is great need to collect and spend tax monies wisely and the country as a whole ranks 32nd out of 34 among the world’s largest countries in percentage of income paid in taxes. And yet we hear that we are taxed “enough already” and there are shouts of complaint from the predatory rich that taxes should be done away with, along with the agencies they support. Meanwhile, these dollar-conservatives are busy hiding their wealth in off-shore accounts or taking their money elsewhere by moving themselves and their companies to countries that have lower labor costs and income tax rates. All of which is to the detriment of the disappearing middle class, those in real need, and the maintenance of the infrastructure that allows us to carry on in our daily lives.

But intellectual conservatives, such as myself — who lean decidedly to the left politically and willingly (?) pay our taxes — are concerned about the disappearance of rich veins of intellectual wealth that are also disappearing from the country as a result of various popular waves generated by the counter-culture that are in danger of throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water. Notably, the urge in our colleges and universities to read only contemporary tracts and literature that reflect the views of a small group at the center of this movement has grown to dominate the college educational scene. The result is that our future leaders, when they read at all, are told to read material that has a very short shelf life and which almost certainly promotes the political agendas of the ones assigning the material. It is said that the so-called “classics” by “dead, white European males” are totally irrelevant to today’s needs. And while I think this is true of some, perhaps many, of the books we have treasured for centuries, we need to be wary about replacing the books that past minds have drawn from to the benefit of our current age only to replace them with inferior material that tends to state the obvious and will soon pass into oblivion. The one expands the mind, the other shrinks it.  Young people can learn a great deal more about justice by thinking their way through the dialogues of Plato and discussing them in small groups than they can be sitting passively and listening to a zealot go on about his or her favorite injustice lately committed.  Additionally, they learn to think in the process. It’s a zero-sum game, and one that is played by many with little or no consideration for the price that is paid by all of us in turning our backs on seminal ideas that have brought us so many of the benefits we take for granted.

Like so many words we use carelessly, we need to be sure how we use words like “conservative,” because there are conservatives of many stripes, and they don’t all get along. I know I am myself reluctant to be confused with the “predatory rich” who want nothing more than to continue to accumulate wealth until the day they die.


6 thoughts on “Conservative Types

  1. Thoughtful post, professor. Teddy needs to be quoted more as what he battled is similar to what needs to be battled now. Can you imagine if the Robber Barons owned their own news source like they do now and could use their own data via the Internet to prop up their position that made them money, but led Upton Sinclair to write “The Jungle,” they may have been able to stave off Teddy’s Square Deal efforts? We may have seen a revolution here like in Russia.

  2. Every so often a friend lobs info about acquiring very cheap items from other countries (usualy China) and bringing them back to the USA (or Latin America) to sell for a huge profit. I always write back and say that I’d rather pay my neighbors to produce a better product for a little more cost so that people I know reap the benefits and not a foreign country… other times it’s about making money nearby, and again I say – in fact I said this past week, “If becoming wealthy is your main goal, I’m not interested. I will help if part of the income goes to those who are hungry or in need, and I will earmark half of my income to that cause (of my choosing) or not participate at all…”

    First I was stating my own principles, and second, I am hopeful that he might one day realize there’s more to life than income.

    He knows that, but unfortunately for him, he comes from a family and culture where money and status is very important.

    Less is more, oh yes, less is so much more.

  3. …and that is where the crux lies…so many have no idea, no idea at all that less truly is more. Quoting z here “…less is so much more.”
    Thank you, Hugh, for your thoughtful words.
    Quoting James Brown here…”So good. So good!”

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