Good News!

It may be a small step, but Syracuse University announced today that they will divest over $1 billion in fossil fuels and invest only in clean energy in the future. This announcement came after two years of protest by students at the university. This is great news for two reasons: (1) It gives a boost to the clean energy movement. And (2) it shows that not all college students are wasting their time drinking and attending sporting events; young people who pull together for a higher purpose can have an effect.  I am delighted by both (all three?) of these facts.

Oh, yes. More good news: France has announced that all new construction must have solar collectors or gardens on the roofs!! You see, all news is not bad news. It’s just the news the entertainment industry chooses to provide us with!


5 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. I think it is also important that a group has taken on the issue and remained focused. If we wait for administrators to make the correct move, we will be waiting forever. Good news, indeed.

    • I assume it’s the Board of Governors who make the decision about investments, but your point is well made. Administrators are not known for their vision and moral fiber! I dare say there was considerable student pressure. And, as Dana says, its a breath of fresh air after the recent news about the basketball scandal.

  2. Good news, Hugh, and good point, Barney. It’s interesting that it is Syracuse, too, a university that’s just been in the news for some serious men’s basketball violations — academic cheating among them. I’m glad people at the school are capable of doing the right thing, too!

  3. that’s all great news, and maybe they’ll influence many other students n many other universities. ditto for France – hopefully more countries will follow Frances lead, and our world might start getting well.

  4. Hugh, that is good news. We still need far more of these stories to reach a tipping point, but they continue to build. The truth does have a way of getting out in spite of efforts to the contrary, yet it takes some time. Thanks for sharing this. BTG

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