Dreaming Aloud

When I am elected to be Philosopher King, I shall wave my magic wand to clean up some of the mess we are leaving for our children and their children, with special emphasis on the following:

1. Immediate cessation of fracking.

2. Promote the development of alternative energy with tax subsidies (commensurable with the ones currently enjoyed by Big Oil), including solar, wind,    and the tides.

3. Eliminate tax subsidies for oil exploration and development (shift them to #2).

4. Fund research into desalination methods to convert sea water into potable water for human and animal consumption and use in agriculture.

5. Tax the wealthy proportionally and reduce “defense” spending by half  to raise the money for the above.

6. Raise the minimum wage to $15.00 to help restore the middle class.

7. Mandate federal tax penalties on all families for any children beyond two to encourage “zero population growth.” Tax breaks for childless couples or those with only one child.

8. Restore, on a permanent basis, international family planning programs that have twice been eliminated by Republican administrations.

9. Eliminate teachers colleges and all certification requirements for teachers. Require all teachers to take a solid core of liberal arts courses and a legitimate academic major with a fifth year as an intern working with an experienced teacher.

10. Raise starting teacher’s salaries by at least 50% to attract the best and the brightest.

11. Disallow all electronic toys in schools, except computers, and require writing, reading, and memorization of such things as poetry and the multiplication tables.

12. Predicate all wages and salaries in all lines of work on years of schooling to encourage students to remain in school and pay attention.

13.Eliminate all donations above $100.00 in political elections and eradicate all lobbying by special interests at the state and federal levels.

14. Implement term limits in all public offices at the state and federal levels.

Well, I can dream, can’t I??


13 thoughts on “Dreaming Aloud

  1. Hugh, I ,mean Philosopher King, there is a lot to agree with here. Incenting things that address long term problems is a good move. BTG

  2. I have too many kids to agree fully, but perhaps with a pay raise I can afford the tax penalty. Could you do something about military spending and war also?

  3. I heard it said that Angels have sought just such appointment among men (Philosopher King), in a perpetual quest for the qualified candidate to such calling. Word is, they are still looking; so your prospects on this score seem promising at least.

    • BTW…I like the way your comment forum posits 8:00 as the perpetual “Time” of the Event Stream you create here. Some would say that to be a nod to the Feminine Divine, in respect of Procreation…the one-posited-certainty of evolutionary advance or survival as offered by the Positivists. Doubtless, overwrought here, being prone to extrapolation. Still, I grant me my delusions as easily as I grant you yours.

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