The Trumpet Blares

I swore I was not going to blog about the Trumpet that plays off-key, but when he refused recently to correct one of the zanies in his audience who insisted that Barack Obama is a Muslim and THEN went on to say he would not “defend ” Obama by correcting such people, one must raise his voice in loud protest.

In what universe is correcting a blatant falsehood a “defense” of the person wrongly accused? It is simply a matter of common decency to set things straight, especially when it’s a gross insult based on twisted thinking. But, of course, Donald The Trumpet is a stranger to common decency.

One is reminded of John McCain politely correcting a woman in his audience who misspoke when referring to Obama’s supposed religious affiliation. Again, it is the decent thing to do and clearly McCain is a decent person. The Trumpet is not. He is a loud, misogynistic egoist who gets off on hearing his own name and is lost among visions of grandeur that are way beyond his meager talents.

The perplexing question, of course, is why this man has any following at all, much less one large enough to put him ahead in the race for the highest office in the land. The simple answer, which a number of folks have suggested, is that voters are sick and tired of politics as usual (I know I am) and want something fresh and new. But this man is not a breath of fresh air, he is a blowhard. And the fact that anyone would take him seriously deserves serious reflection by anyone who truly cares about the survival of this democratic system. The Founders never had this scenario in mind — in their willdest nightmares. They were convinced that the best and brightest would rise to the top like cream in milk. The key, of course, was (and is)  education — which is why Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. They envisioned — or many of them did — a natural aristocracy, not one predicated on wealth, but one predicated on intelligence, ability, vision, and courage. Very few of today’s candidates exhibit these traits, and one must look far and wide to find anyone who might in fact do so.

I am convinced that this is a mark of the failure of the education system in this country coupled with the fact that parents are too preoccupied with making a living to pay close attention to their children who are then left to the wiles of entertainers, day-care, and teachers. While entertainers are hugely overpaid, day-care providers and teachers are not trained to do the jobs they are forced to do — and are not paid anywhere near as much and their job requires. In fact, teachers, especially, are today held in low esteem by a culture that puts the highest value on those who make the largest income. Teachers make very little, ergo they are not worth taking seriously. It’s simple logic, or logic for the simple-minded.

This might explain why the very wealthy Donald Trump is striking a responsive chord in the hearts of so many people in this country: they simply don’t know any better. They cannot differentiate between fact and fiction; they cannot spot the fool that mouths false platitudes; they cannot see beneath the surface; and they cannot  make intelligent choices.

The founders weren’t wrong: democracy requires an educated citizenry. While George Washington did worry, on the whole the Founders failed to see that their democratic system would flounder because so many of its citizens are, in fact, uneducated and even stupid. The condition that was necessary for this republic to succeed has failed to bear fruit and the system has been turned over to the image makers and the wealthy who have enough money to buy themselves a government. This is not what Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and Monroe had in mind. Not by a long shot.


3 thoughts on “The Trumpet Blares

  1. Hugh, I just typed this on another blog about the same subject, the blogger who said we should stop laughing at this guy. My response follows:

    We should stop laughing and start asking questions of our all candidates, especially this one. And, we should listen to the answers not the manner. People say they like Trump because he speaks the truth. Actually, his truths are variable; today’s truth differs from yesterday’s truth and will differ from tomorrow’s truth. He is merely saying with bravado and bluster what the audience wants to here. The key truth about Trump is in his history, with countless stories of his taking advantage of people for gain and then discarding them and leaving the problems for someone else.

    Note, most companies have never filed for bankruptcy and a greater number have never filed for bankruptcy four times. Why is that, Mr. Trump? The other thing that will lead to his eventual demise is inability to answer any question in detail. He uses playground name calling to mask what he does not know. I was taught that when people name call or label things, it usually means their arguments are poor. If he did what he said he wants to do, we would be a pariah in the world. How we conduct ourselves matters in the world.

    We need candidates who aspire to be our leader, to act like one. Sorry for the soapbox says this Independent, former Republican and former Democrat voter. Keith

  2. Good stuff, both Hugh and BTG. The good news is that his debate performance did not get the flurry of attention his first debate showing did. Maybe people are tiring of the act. And he has hurt himself with his irresponsible handling of the Obama-Muslim Q&A, especially when TV and online media could very quickly pull out John McCain’s much more civil response to the same question in 2008. Trump looked amateurish and bigoted compared to McCain.

    Hugh, I had a vision of Gary Trudeau introducing a new character into “Doonesbury.” Much like he did with the first Bush, who he represented simply with air quotes, and the Big Tobacco advocate hew drew as a cigarette, Trudeau could draw “Trumpet.” A horn, with Trump’s ungodly hairdo sprawled across and around the upper edge of the bell. 🙂

  3. Trump will expire, he will go down like a sour note. (sorry, could’t help myself). The sad part is the sheer number of people who follow this fool, and hang on his every word. As you note, it speaks to the education level of our citizenry, its stupidity, and its lack of any skill in reasoned thinking. We’ve created this mess with instant gratification, soothing little Johnny’s ego, and making everyone a winner. Babysitting via TV and computer certainly didnt help.

    As I’ve written many time, when we sit down in the darkest corner of night, and reach deep within ourselves for that truth only we will acknowledge, we know the ones responsible.

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