3 thoughts on “Poem?

  1. Poem, or concise commentary on the current state of things — either way, it works for me. I especially like the “bullets whine,” line. Several meanings in there. Not only the sound of bullets through the air, but I took it immediately to mean the whining of the NRA and its ilk. And, with their whining, the ducking of accountability.

  2. The sad truth is regardless of how Americans feel, they still sit on their fannies and do not vote. This is even more true in primaries. So, the NRA just rallies its troops (pun intended) to go vote and overwhelm any candidate. So, it really is a matter of politicians worried more about keeping their job than doing their job. But, shame on all of us for letting fervent voters outgun (pun intended) at the polls. We deserve what we get in this case.

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