The Master Negotiator

A recent article, parts of which I will attach below, tells us all we need to know about what sort of president this man would make — if we didn’t know already. He is beyond ignorant, because he has no idea how ignorant he is.

Donald Trump gave an interview this week [on CNN] all of his potential supporters should watch. In his own words, Trump lays bare the very reasons why he would be such a disastrous choice for president. . . .

Trump proclaims his familiar boast that he is the best deal-maker ever and the best negotiator ever, and that the Obama administration completely botched the negotiation with Iran. And then Trump graced us with an inside account of how he, as a master deal-maker, would have negotiated the agreement with Iran and obtained a much better outcome for America.

Primarily, Trump would have spared America from having to pay $150 billion to Iran. (I won’t quibble with the dollar amount even though it is likely inaccurate).

As Trump explained, he would have said to the Iranians:

“Fellas, we [as America] owe $19 trillion [in debt]. We’re a country that has no money. We can’t give you the $150 [billion dollars].” The Iranians would have said, “But we want it!” And Trump would have responded, “We can’t give it! We don’t have it! We don’t have it!”

Trump would have stood his ground and absolutely refused to pay the $150 billion. At that point, the meeting would have broken-up with no agreement. But then, two days later, the Iranians would have folded by calling Trump and saying, “Let’s make a deal.” Iran would then have agreed that America would not be required to pay the $150 billion.

Wow. Now there’s a genius negotiator for you. What an amazing display of virtuosity.

Unfortunately, however, there is one little problem with Trump’s entire analysis. And this problem is that the $150 billion was, in fact, readily available. The reason it was readily available is because all of this money actually belonged to Iran, not to America. This was Iran’s own money. This was Iranian money that America had seized and frozen. It was never American money. Not one penny. American money was never at stake. Rather, America was simply returning Iran’s own money that America had seized and was holding in frozen accounts pending the resolution of the sanctions against Iran. [Italics added]

Trump obviously had no clue that this money belonged to Iran. Trump was utterly ignorant about the facts of the deal. Yet this did not prevent Trump from spouting off and denouncing the deal to the American public. This is classic Trump. Even though he may appear to some to be authoritative, the truth is that his demeanor is superficial and he actually has no idea what he is talking about in substance.

One gets the idea that “all of his potential supporters” would agree with him, unfortunately. That’s a huge part of the problem.

In any event, when this man opens his mouth I have the notion that we are all watching a Saturday Night Live sketch. Surely, it’s funny. No? If not it borders on the insane. The man is from Wonderland. He reminds me of Humpty Dumpty except that he isn’t that funny. I fear he is not funny at all and we are not watching a comedic sketch. This is the Trumpet’s reality show. It’s time he took a bow and left the stage. Enough is enough.


8 thoughts on “The Master Negotiator

  1. Hugh, there are too many things to be alarmed with about The Donald. Everything people need to know about his lack of veracity as a candidate is in his history. Coupling that with the demonizing, labeling and fearmongering, and it is worse. Then, you get to his lack of understanding and lying about facts and circumstances. He would make us a pariah in the world and we would be very uneasy with this thin-skinned person having access to our nuclear arsenal – whose staffer said what is the good of having nuclear weapons if you are not going to use them? His becoming a President would be a global disaster. Keith

  2. i was witness to watching him from fairly close by when he was trying to out do Mr Steve Wynn in Atlantic City. Not only did he go bankrupt, he went under after taking everyone else’s money who backed this SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE COMIC . Now he has entered the political arena where he has found more punters who have agreed to back him. How he can justify his actions in regards to wanting to become president of the USA, i am at a complete loss for understanding this man.

  3. I agree strongly with those who view Donald Trump as a frightening, if also darkly comical, figure in modern politics.
    He has consistently asserted and reaffirmed lies and misrepresentations — to the apparent glee if many supporters. When challenged, he employs ad hominem critiques to derail critics. Indeed, he is lauded for “telling it like it is.” To be honest, I wish I found this surprising.

    What I do find ironic, however, is that when The Donald does tell the truth, as he had recently done in his criticisms of President G. W. Bush, he is met with astonishment and accusations of calumny.

    Perhaps H.L. Mencken was correct: No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

    Maybe it’s just Monday….

    • Thanks, Jerry. I did a post on the irony you allude to. But the greatest irony of all, perhaps, is that he gets credit for “telling it like it is” when 76% off the time (according to FactCheck) he is making it up or simply telling an outright lie. He’s not the problem, however, the problem is that he has such a large following!

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