Hillary As President?

While this notion will scare the pants off many a hard-line Republican, it warms my heart to think that a woman might be elected president of this country, following on the heels of a black man. But the question is whether or not this woman would be more effective than her predecessor. Her strengths seem to be her ability to get things done. She would appear to be better able to work with a recalcitrant (entrenched) Congress than her chief Democratic rival for the office, since she knows where many of the skeletons are buried and she’s tough — and she can lean on the political savvy of her husband (which is considerable). However, she would be beholden to the corporations in whose political pocket she is buried deep, whereas her Democratic opponent realizes that the real battle in American politics is between the corporations and the people who are supposed to be the real base of power in a democracy. While Bernie Sanders would be a serious speed bump on the path the very rich in this country are taking toward a full-fledged oligarchy, Hilary would be a pebble. Her election would mean the continuance of the seemingly inevitable replacement of our democratic system by a system engineered by the very rich who are at present in the process of buying themselves a government.

Sanders is an idealist. Some would say he is a dreamer and totally out of touch with reality. It is certainly the case that he would be unable to work effectively with a Congress made up like the present one. He would be at least as ineffective as his predecessor. I imagine him as a Quixotic figure galloping full speed at windmills. And we know how that turned out! But this election year will see 47 House and Senate seats on the Republican side up for grabs and only 26 on the Democratic side. If the citizens of this country were able to hand Sanders a majority in the Senate, and perhaps even in the House, he might be able to realize some of his dreams. This assumes that those elected to the Congress have the nerve to stand with Sanders against the special interests and the very wealthy who are clear in their determination to take over the reins of government. That is a pivotal question.

For my part, I figure Sanders is a long shot and the possibility that this electorate will be wise enough to give him a Congress to work with coupled with the unlikely possibility that the Congress even then will not be in the pocket of the corporations and their bosses makes his successful presidency appear all the more unlikely. But, assuming that he could survive the race for the office and live out his term without being shot by one of the many crazies who have been encouraged to emerge from the shadows of late, it may be our last hope if we are to salvage some semblance of what the founders envisioned over 200 years ago. Hillary does not embody that hope, sad to say.

Regarding the Republicans, it is impossible to take any of them seriously. They appear to be a confederacy of dunces the leader of whom seems perfectly capable of hauling this nation to the brink of disaster without having the least idea that he is doing so. At present, they appear to be divided into a cluster of warring camps as Robert Reich recently pointed out. Their disarray should increase the probability of a Democratic win. If the country does not feel strongly that “it’s now or never” then Hillary would be the acceptable alternative, one who is best able to work within a corrupt system. But any claim that the system is not terribly flawed is naive and unworthy of serious consideration. It is now or never, even though it seems a very long shot. Can the people reject the corporate control of this country or are we so far down that road we cannot turn back? That is the question.


7 thoughts on “Hillary As President?

  1. Good post, Hugh. The key for either Bernie or Hillary is to get out and vote. The Dems cannot stay home like they do in midterms, nor can the young folks say I am not voting if Bernie does not win. My grave concern is not doing any more on climate change and our water crisis. Yet, these major global threats are scoffed at bt the GOP and their pundits as non events. That coupled with the dangerous rhetoric of Trump and Cruz, to which former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates said neither know what they are talking about in dealing with ISIS last month.

    • I read that some of the hard-line Republicans are talking about supporting the Democratic candidate if Trump wins the nomination. The Republican Party is in shambles. I do wonder if the millennialists will support Hillary if she wins the nomination. They seem to have short attention spans and are used to getting what they want.

  2. It’s interesting to note that Bernie gets very little press even though his rallies are very well attended and his popularity if much higher than Hiullary’s and he is certainly much more interesting than the Trumpet (who gets all the press). It appears that the right-wing control of the press combined with the determination of the Democratic Establishment to get Hillary elected are being most effective. It will be interesting to see if the people will in the end have their way or whether the entire election will turn out to have been a charade!

    • Bernie resonates as he is speaking about issues. Trump is a blowhard and his rallies are lean on substance – I am great as I am winning, so I must be great. He needs to stay in the race even if it is to make Hillary a better candidate and give another voice to talk about the inanity of the GOP candidates.

      • I agree, but would like to see the media pay more attention to a man who obviously is
        striking a responsive chord in a great many people, especially young people.

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