Frustration Aplenty

I think, perhaps, the most frustrating thing to me about the triumph of Donald Trump is the inability — or unwillingness — of hordes of people to see through the facade, to the man beneath. It is so painfully obvious to a great many people that he is replete with character flaws despite the fact that he is also a master at channeling human emotions, chiefly fear and hatred, toward a desired goal. In every case the goal is the greater glory of Donald Trump. I don’t think he cares a tinker’s dam about this country or about the well-being of those who adoringly hang on his every word and rush off in whatever direction he points to.

The latest example of this, of course, is the terrible shooting in Orlando where at least 49 people were killed by a madman. Immediately the Trumpet jumped into the confusion calling the event a clear act of terrorism (which it was by any definition of that term) and hastily pointing fingers at the religion of Islam. After hinting broadly that our sitting president was somehow complicit, Trump insisted that the shooter was born in “Afghan” (which I thought was a blanket, but which apparently is a country that Donald Trump invented). In fact, of course, the man was born in New York — not far from Donald Trump as it happens. But this obvious stupidity was overlooked, as it always seems to be, by his purblind minions who are ready to take up arms against the enemy who happens to be anyone who at the moment is irritating Donald Trump.

In the face of this emotional frenzy — which is the sort of situation Trump seems better able than most to make worse  — we hear the calm voice of reason in the form of Hillary Clinton’s urge to calm down and figure out how best to deal with the real enemy and avoid fanning the fires of hatred toward an entire religion that preaches, as it happens, peace and love. As someone recently said, “This act had about as much to do with religion as it had to do with horticulture. The guy was an unstable time bomb who hated everyone who wasn’t him, but who nonetheless had no trouble at all buying an AR-15 rifle and a handgun . . . ” None the less, Trump’s reaction is to refuse all Muslims admission to this country. As Clinton noted in a recent rally in Pittsburg, referring to Trump’s hysterical reaction to the shooting in Orlando:

“We don’t need conspiracy theories and pathological self-congratulations,” said Clinton. “We need leadership, common sense and concrete plans, because we are facing a brutal enemy.”

As Hillary goes on to point out, the Trumpet’s variety of hysterical fear-mongering is the very thing ISIS hopes to encourage in this country and it helps their cause immensely.  Now, I have said it before and I repeat it here: I am not  a Hillary Clinton fan. I think she sails way too close to the wind, has her hand deep within the pockets of the wealthy robber-barons of Wall Street who have so much to say about how this country is to be run, and seems to be every bit as ambitious as is Donald Trump. But as we have been told by the leader of the Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond, who worked closely with Donald Trump in Scotland, our choice is between sanity and insanity in the upcoming election. And that choice forces us, it would appear, to choose the lesser of evils. I say this while realizing that Clinton is politically astute, has wide and deep international experience, and is bright and able — despite her  flaws. She would make a decent president, I believe. But in light of the choice that faces us all, she appears brighter than bright white.

In the end, my frustration over the fact that so many have been taken in by a super-salesman whose main claim to high office is his ability to sell himself to the deluded and mentally incompetent. I will try to keep on an even keel and in doing so will choose to listen to reason, which is the voice Hillary Clinton speaks with most of the time, and to close my ears to the wild exaggerations and hysteria that are all around us and seek to drown us in a sea of hatred and fear. The coming months will test the best in all of us.


13 thoughts on “Frustration Aplenty

  1. Underneath that tough skin that has kept her alive and politically viable is a resilient young woman with a head full of ideals. f you are a baby boomer than you know that the political establishment responds to citizen action. The corruption at the heart of all the corruption is their successful effort to suppress the vote and subvert the electoral process.

    This election isn’t about Hillary and Trump. This election is about we, the people..

    The Office of President is a job. The job of the President is complex and requires attention to detail. Legally the President is to protect and defend the constitution. His other job is to enforce the law even if he disagrees with it. His other job is to represent the interests of the American People in an emerging global community.

    The American people are a global community.

    If we are exceptional that is why.

    So two people have arrived to interview but only one of them is truly qualified to do the job.

    What would a grown up do?

    I voted for Bernie. I’m proud to say that I will vote for Hillary and every left of center candidate for everything from school board to the Senate.

    Thanks for an interesting post!

  2. There’s a third possible description for how Trump’s supporters respond to his ludicrous comments, other than their inability or unwillingness to see through the facade. And it’s a scary option: that they do, indeed, see that it is a facade and they don’t mind that it is. He becomes the front man who provides cover, the excuse, for all their anger, hatred, ignorance to gush out.

  3. Back in the old days this slick snake oil type salesman would be called a Shister….. A really competent convincer, who probably could and has sold Dirt to a farmer…. Don’t for one second think of buying his bill of goods…..they stink like he does…

  4. Hugh, thank you for your post. Incorrectly, I thought Trump would never, ever make it this far. And yet. While I have been trying to do my best to respectfully communicate to Trump supporters via social media mostly, that Trump is a salesman selling nothing we should want as a country. But honestly, it never goes well. Most seem as you say, quite angry and unable to even for one minute put down the pitchfork and consider what he is really saying/doing. Many Trump supporters are now wearing t-shirts with the slogan “Trump that B****!” (Trump states he had no idea about this, yet another lie). This makes me cringe inside as a woman and as an American.

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