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I have a proposal to make.  I propose that there be a psychological exam requirement for all candidates vying for the office of President of the United States.  One of these candidates is showing increasing signs of insanity, and I think the only fair way to determine whether there is sufficient mental capacity to perform the job is to provide psychological testing to all candidates, including any 3rd party candidates who are able to meet the other criteria to be on the ballot in November.

insanityThe candidate to whom I refer, of course, is none other than Donald Trump.  This man never actually seemed quite sane, since his first speech of the campaign season when he said that Mexico was sending us “killers and rapists”.  During the course of the past 13 months, he has said many outrageous things, most of which I have included in prior posts on…

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3 thoughts on “INSANITY!!!!

  1. Well the former prime minister of Britain, David Cameron and the new prime minister both thought that the U.S republican candidate ,Mr. Donald Trump, was in need of a psychiatric examamination! When they heard some of early remarks ……

  2. I don’t know if it can be done for a political candidate, but if I were one of the Trumpet’s creditors, I’d surely demand a mental competency test ASAP! For as troubling as both of the Democratic e-mail issues (Clinton’s private-server problems at State; the DNC leak), Trump’s openly asking Russia to step in is far beyond either of the other two incidents as far as being improper, bordering on illegal, naive, and a confession of his own incompetence. Not to mention a gigantic slap at his own nation. Really, what it resembles — given Trump’s expressed admiration for Putin — is Lindbergh’s stumping for the Nazis and Hitler in the1930s and into 1941.

    Trump may not only be sliding toward insanity, he’s become un-American.

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