Planting The Seed

The man really is a piece of work! Donald Trump is preparing his mindless minions for his loss — which, in his world, can only happen if the other side cheats, if the election is “rigged.” He honestly believes, I do think, that he cannot lose unless the Clinton forces cheat — and this from a man who uses WikiLeaks to undermine the Democratic effort. He knows that the DNC cheated in making sure that Hillary won the nomination (which appears to be true) and he now reads the tea leaves and sees his eventual loss, which can only happen if the same machine works to bring him down. Consider this brief excerpt from a Yahoo News report on-line:

Donald Trump suggested on Monday that the November election may be “rigged” against him.

“I’m afraid the election is going be rigged, I have to be honest,” Trump said at a town hall in Columbus, Ohio.

The Republican nominee pointed to Bernie Sanders’ unsuccessful Democratic primary campaign as an example of elections being rigged. Trump has frequently claimed that Hillary Clinton only won the primary because national Democrats intervened on her behalf.

At his Monday campaign rally, Trump added that the Republican Party could not stop him in the GOP primary because of the margin of victory he racked up.

“Poor Bernie. He looks so upset. You know what, he shouldn’t have made a deal,” Trump said, referring to Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton. “I think my side was rigged if I didn’t win by massive landslides.”

He even pretends to be sympathetic with Bernie Sanders! But note the final remark: “. . .my side was rigged if I didn’t win by massive landslides.” Now there’s delusion for you. The man is not only a megalomaniac he is a deluded megalomaniac! And he may be just a touch paranoid. As I say, he honestly believes what he says.  In fact, I believe he is convinced that what he says is true because he says it. He is that convinced of his own greatness and superiority to the rest of us. He lives on an island that consists only of himself and he allows others to visit him from time to time, but only if they adore him, and pay him the homage he thinks he deserves. My goodness!

In any event, the tea leaves do appear to be right. Hillary had the expected bump after the convention, but her poll numbers fail to reflect the fact that growing numbers of disenfranchised voters are registering to vote to see to it that Trump fails in November. She appears to be extending her lead.

But we can be certain that Trump will prepare his followers to be braced for the loss and I will go out on a limb and predict that there will be a violent reaction in the Trump camp and among his followers after the loss which the man cannot possibly accept honorably: he doesn’t know what the word means.


10 thoughts on “Planting The Seed

  1. Hugh, as we have chatted before, Trump’s lack of veracity is in his history and it is not hard to find. His history is one of exploiting people for money. He will get his, and whether you get yours is unimportant. If you getting yours stands in the way of Trump getting his, you will be screwed. Thousands upon thousands of contractors and workers have gone without payment, as he gets out before the fall or declares bankruptcy and protects his assets. He has evicted numerous folk from their homes through schmoozing, cajoling, bullying and lawsuits. And, he sells his name to developers that he has nothing to do with, who can now charge more to unwitting buyers (which he still does). That is exploitive at best and unethical at worst. That is a rigged system if you ask me. Keith

  2. This is pretty much what some political insiders — including a few who had worked for Trump’s campaign — had predicted a couple months ago. That he would start laying the groundwork for excuses like this, because he’s so immature, can’t stand losing (can’t believe he could ever actually lose!). And also to protect his brand. The latter would fit with what a woman who helped run his exploratory testing of the electorate last year said: Trump only said all he wanted was 12 percent of the GOP delegates, enough to keep him in the limelight, not enough to require him to be responsible. Well, now he’s got to be responsible! So it makes sense that he’s trying to find a weaselly way out, while preserving the Trump brand.

    Sadly, there’s an echo of the spoiled brat in this. It’s always someone else’s fault, not his. Someone else is being mean to Trump, never him. As I’ve mentioned before, I am ever and always reluctant to compare anyone to Hitler because Hitler was so heinous. But it’s a Hitler trait, too: failure and rejections were always someone else’s fault, never his. It makes it easy to glide through life thinking you’re perfect. But it’s also a sign of what Clinton said in her speech, quoting Jackie Kennedy. There are big men and little men. Little men always talk big but are never accountable, always are willing to send someone else to die in war but never go themselves. Trump is a little man.

  3. On a related note, thinking about Trump’s inability to let go of the criticism he received from the parents of the fallen Muslim soldier: as president, he would face a multitude of criticism every single day, from all corners. What would he do? Lock the Oval Office door and tweet for entire days? There are so many reasons he cannot be allowed to govern, but his thin-skin and obsessive need to reply with belittling comments and then escalate wars of words with every critic is another: he’d never find time to govern if he behaves as he does now with Twitter and the Sunday morning talk shows.

  4. I am beginning to think Donald Trump has what appears to be a genuine case of delusions of grandeur, and a serious case of delusional psychosis, that is he does not see the reality , that most of us see . If this proves to be correct , I also think it will eventually cause him to withdraw his nomination for the presidency , saying they have secretly rigged this election , so I’m taking my business elsewhere.!

    • I do think he is in the process of undermining his own candidacy in order to avoid the office he really never wanted. I am working on a post to this effect: stay tuned!

  5. Honour is not in his vocabulary. Neither are respect, dignity, compassion, or any of those words we all live by on a daily basis. I honestly believe he will lose (or possibly forfeit, based on the fact that the election is a giant conspiracy against him), but my fear is what he does after that. You know he isn’t just going back to his business without a peep. He will find a way to continue making us all miserable! I noticed that another of his casinos is closing next month, putting some 3,000 workers out of jobs. Good post, Hugh, as always!

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