One of the things that Donald Trump doesn’t know — and that list seems to grow longer with each passing day  — is that words, like actions, have consequences. He seems to think he can simply open his mouth and wisdom will come forth, and his minions will fall at his feet. But the exact opposite seems to be the case. He opens his mouth and hatred and bigotry come forth, people get angry and start shouting obscenities;  these words have had consequences already which the Donald himself may or may not be aware of.

What Trump’s words have done is to turn over a great many rocks and the creatures that have issued forth have been repulsive and just a bit frightening. We have seen this at his rallies and we have seen this in the increase in the burning of Muslim Mosques in this country — which, strictly speaking, cannot be attributed directly to Trump, but which have occurred after he started his rail against Muslims and others he doesn’t particularly like. There may be cause and effect or there may not. But one must wonder.

In any event, we must ask the question what will happen to these rock-dwellers after Trump loses this contest for the presidency — or when he simply resigns because it no longer suits his fancy to stand up before people and harangue  against minorities and women, not to mention crying babies and war veterans? His mindless minions will surely not quietly crawl back under their collective rocks. Trump has given them a sense of their own importance: they look around and see that there are others who think (?) like themselves. They now have degree of confidence resulting from the Trump’s articulating in public their own deepest and darkest hatreds, fears and suspicions. Be assured, these folks will be around for a while. And, I dare to say, Trump will be there to goad them on — in whatever capacity he chooses.

This man may or may not quit the race. But in any case he almost certainly will not be our next president [he said with fingers and toes crossed] and then the really ugly part of his candidacy will begin: the aftermath. He will not go quietly, of that we can be sure: he will go with fingers pointing elsewhere. And it seems highly unlikely that those he has brought out into the bright sunlight after years under rocks will not go quietly either. To say the aftermath of his run for the highest office in the land will be interesting is to say the least. It will be a great deal more than interesting and one can only hope the protests that are sure to follow will be quelled without violence — though that seems unlikely in the extreme.

I do not choose to be a nay-sayer or a gloomy gus, though I suspect many readers have already placed those labels on my posts. I choose, rather, to be a realist and one cannot look even casually at current events and this abortive political race and not be disturbed at least a little bit. One can, of course, choose to hide one’s head in the sand. But if you look around you really must face the question what is likely to happen to those mindless minions who think Donald Trump is the savior of this country and that his loss would mean a return to “politics as usual” which they both fear and hate.

In that regard, I must admit I do not look kindly on the game of politics as it is played in this country and am sick and tired of wealthy people choosing other wealthy people to run for public office in order to support agendas that are both hidden and insidious, but usually mean greater profits for those already rich. I would love to see the system altered at its roots, a return to a Republic as envisioned, pretty much, as the founders imagined it. But that change must come, if it is to come at all, slowly and not in this particular election. This election is all about seeing to it that Donald Trump does not become our next president. And then we must brace ourselves for the consequences of his eventual loss.


3 thoughts on “Consequences

  1. Agreed. I was sharing a piece I read on narcissists earlier today. They tend to blame others for the problems they have. It is part of the narcissist’s distraction and defense mechanism. Yesterday, Trump went off the reservation accusing Hillary Clinton of everything he is accused of – being mentally unstable and unfit. She is not perfect, but I have not heard many describe her as unstable. Yet, go back to his attempt to distract people from his historic lying at every turn – calling Cruz, “Lying Ted.” Or, his attempt to distract from his exploitive history and many litigations, three of which are outstanding class actions cases – calling Clinton, “Corrupt Hillary.”

    It is never a narcissist’s fault. It cannot be them that is causing this, so the system is rigged. This is an offensive and defensive measure. If he loses, it cannot be because of him. So, he will not lose graciously and his ardent fans will be highly perturbed.

    To show this point, on the Bill Maher show, an African-American conservative was telling Rick Santorum that the racism and hate in the party that Trump has tapped is real. She received several death threats for appearing on this show. Paul Ryan’s house is being visited and surrounded because of ardent Trump supporters saying he has not fought enough. This man is fearing for his family.

    So, your post is not outlandish. When you paint your enemy as evil, when she wins, what do you do next? Keith

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