The Murder of Khalid Jabara

This is well worth your time.

Filosofa's Word

Some stories are harder to write than others.  When I write about Trump, it likely raises my blood pressure some and I pound the keys harder, hence shortening the lifespan of my Dell.  When I write my Idiot of the Week pieces, I shake my head, roll my eyes, and sometimes even chuckle.  But stories like this one break my heart.  They have more meaning, at least to me, than most of the others I write, but they take a toll.  Still, this story must be told.  It is too important to ignore.  I hope you will agree.

It is nothing new, really.  Neighbors get into disputes, usually settled with words, but every now and then with fists, willful property damage, or by some other means.  Then, usually, they go on being neighbors and either “kiss and make up” or simply ignore each other.  Perhaps they plant a 6-foot-tall hedge…

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