Something to think about …. “Sacred Grounds …. What is the difference? …. “!!

We should all be outraged that there is no outrage over this travesty. Imagine if this were your family cemetery!

It Is What It Is


~~September 9, 2016~~ 


Just put yourself, for one second, in the situation described above.

What is the difference between Arlington Cemetery and the Native American Sacred Burial Grounds??

Really, truly … what is the difference?

Can anyone venture and tell me there’s a difference?

Where’s the outrage, the scrutiny and the mainstream media coverage?



The Recognition of Native American sacred sites in the US could be described as:

“specific, discrete, narrowly delineated location on Federal land that is identified by an Indian tribe, or Indian individual determined to be an appropriately authoritative representative of an Indian religion, as sacred by virtue of its established religious significance to, or ceremonial use by, an Indian religion”.

The sacred places are believed to “have their own ‘spiritual properties and significance'”. Ultimately, Indigenous peoples who practice their religion at a particular site, they hold a special and sacred…

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10 thoughts on “Something to think about …. “Sacred Grounds …. What is the difference? …. “!!

  1. Remember what I said about ‘great minds’? I just finished a post for tomorrow evening on this same topic! We may be related 😀 Great post, by the way … I will put a link to it in my own.

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  3. So very true…
    Today I drove through the earthquake-ravaged area, and my heart broke – fractured into more pieces, mainly because of the ‘raped’ landscape with barren hills where impressive and very unique trees once stood. Sometimes I don’t blame Mother Nature for finally saying, ‘No More Abuse!’…

    It was odd, but it seemed like where areas were still intact with older forests, there was not so much damage.. Will continue to observe and absorb and incubate this sort of input.

    thanks for listening!

      • Si, and not until the roller coaster is out of control, will they realize it’s too late…

        It’s a bit hard to comprehend when living in the pristine cloud forest, where there seems to be a healthy balance between those who desecrate and those who are working hard to preserve and reforest what’s been lost.

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