One Thousand!!

This is my one thousandth post! I started a few years back at the urging of my friend Dana because I thought it would be fun and keep my mind alive. I love to write and have strong opinions but I can’t sit at my computer for long stretches to write chapters for another book. So I thought the blog was ideal. And it has been — not only for the reasons given, but especially because I have met some remarkable people along the way, people I have come to respect and admire.

I admit some of my posts were reblogs from other sites that expressed ideas I shared but couldn’t have expressed as well. I have also  reblogged a few of my own older posts since the readership (such as it is) tends to change from time to time — except for my old friend Keith who stays the course for some reason! Moreover, in reading some of those old posts I realized that I said then what I wanted to say again and rather than repeat myself — which I am prone to do, I fear — I simply reposted. Is that cheating?? It is in the sense that it means this is not really my one thousandth post, strictly speaking. But I have been much wordier than I thought I could be and a few of the posts, as I look back, were not too bad. It has certainly been worth the time and effort.

In any event, I will be celebrating in my own quiet way and wondering if this can go on much longer. Yes or no, it has been a fun trip and I do thank those who have come along and hope they enjoyed the ride. Special thanks to Dana!


18 thoughts on “One Thousand!!

  1. Congratulations, Hugh! I may have helped you start, but you’ve done all the heavy lifting and thoughtful work of building this into something quite substantial. 1,000 posts is a big milestone. And, in today’s political climate, with the presidential race we have, please keep writing. We need your voice. I wish you well as you turn to the road to 2,000!

  2. Congratulations Hugh. I have also rewritten posts not knowing that I had said that earlier. I find out when they pop up at the bottom, saying “you might like these…” I have not read all 1,000, but can claim a good number of them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, my friend. Keith

    • I found that when teaching tennis if I said the same thing several times, using a different approach each time, the student often grasped what I was getting at. That’s my defense for repeating myself on the posts!

  3. Congratulations, Dr. Curtler! I’m pleased you’ve plugged away long enough for me to find your thoughtful posts. How does that accomplishment compare to writing a dissertation?

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! I look forward to reading your blog each day and hope you keep at it for many, many more years! I love your humour, your opinions (which so nearly match my own 🙂 ), and your skill with the written word. Thank you for all the times you have shared my blog, and for the times you have allowed me to share yours. Here’s to the next ten years, at least! 🙂

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