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“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” –  Albert Einstein

“Dictatorships lock up the opposition, not democracies.” – Stanford University Professor Michael McFaul

“It smacks of what we read about tin-pot dictators in other parts of the world, where when they win an election their first move is to imprison opponents.” – Michael Chertoff, a former federal appeals court judge who also served as the secretary of Homeland Security and head of the Justice Department’s criminal division

“You would like a president with some idea about constitutional limits on presidential powers, on congressional powers, on federal powers.” – Randy E. Barnett, Georgetown University Law Professor

From the outset, the Republican National Convention in July was more about Hillary Clinton than it was about Donald Trump.  T-shirts reading “Hillary for Prison” were sold outside the venue, Governor Chris Christie led a crowd in a ‘trial by…

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  1. I think he’s unraveled enough now that he’s not going to win. But the next four years will still be hell — he’ll lead an anti-Hillary crusade that Congress, which openly vowed to obstruct Obama, will join simply to obstruct and investigate Hillary. Her presidency will become one solely of defending and deflecting accusations, unable to have the time or resources to do anything meaningful. What a pity. Because Trump won’t go away, even if he loses. Too big an ego, too much of a need to always seek revenge, return one critical comment with a bucket of gutterwash, always dragging it deeper into the muck. I can see a Trump Network (why not, Oprah has one) that will alternate between glorifications of Trump, soft-core porn video, and insane vitriol against everyone else. He will further divide the country, and erode our system of government by spreading distrust and disinformation.

    It’s still better than having him win; at least he won’t be in charge of the military and can’t take executive action on things. But it won’t be good.

    • I do think you are right. The man will not go quietly. He’s getting too big a rush from all the attention and he will find it impossible to give that up.God Bless America!

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