3 thoughts on “Big Brother Is Watching You!!!

  1. Hugh, this is as frightening as it appears to be. It also shows that climate change is a very real problem, if naysayers continue to go to these lengths to cover up the science. Someone needs to tell this man to back off – as this America and not Russia. He has already spoken of defunding NASA’s world class efforts to analyze climate change.

    Fortunately, we have passed the tipping point on renewable energy and it will grow at even faster clip leaving his administration sucking its thumb as the world discusses real problems without him and we forego our state of the art help.


  2. This in NOTHING. Just an even Quick glance at the 3 contributions to the Opinion Page of the Mpls Star Tribune of December 14th offers every single, absolute Proof that the CIA has infiltrated the News Stream to INTENTIONALLY manipulate the Opinion and Perceptions of the General American Public. I mean, the Editorial and CEO of this RAG have taken a piece of back-desk Propaganda Script exactly out of Edward Casey’s Playbook to make a ploy upon the Modern Mind of Minnesotans to distort, contort, fake and fraudulently represent the Facts of History in order to prepare the Hive Mind for an eventual World War against their imagined Enemy. Who, exactly ARE these people at the helm of the Star Tribune that they can coordinate such a Putsch against (counter intelligence) the educated minds of Minnesotans. They must be crazy lunatics if they think this day’s Paper passes Editorial Muster. My gods! Mr. Curtler…if you need or want an Objective Enemy of Truth or Fact to defend the General Welfare…look squarely here, as behind this (I guarantee you) is an anonymous CIA agent at the Counter Intelligence desk scripting ways to lead mankind into the third World War. Evil comes home, familiar as your friend’s own voice.

    • Pardon me. My reference is to the Editorial Page of the Star on the 15th. The Core of the Rhetoric is from the CEO and Editor of the Opinion Page. But they add also two supporting and arguments in the Public Contribution as well. One which pleads for more Arms to the Syrian Rebels (in the name of God an prayer), the other just redolent with ideological animosity.

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