We live in the declining years of what is still the biggest economy in the world, where a looter elite has fastened itself upon the decaying carcass of the empire. It is intent on speedily and relentlessly extracting the maximum wealth from that carcass, impoverishing our former working middle class.” E. Callenbach, 2012

The Republicans at the moment are experiencing euphoria. They act like it: positively giddy with power. After all, they now control the House and the Senate and have a president they think they can control (!). Accordingly, they are trying to manipulate the situation in order to have Trump’s incompetent cabinet recommendations approved as quickly as possible. They also plan to jettison the Affordable Care Act — despite the fact that they have nothing whatever to replace what they derisively call “Obamacare.” In addition, of course, they plan to scuttle the E.P.A. and any other regulating agencies that stand in the way of what they regard as “progress.” And all before the electorate catches its collective breath.

Predictably, many of these actions will take more time than planned, but, however long it takes, it is virtually certain that there will be some dreadful mistakes because of the political games that are being played and the haste with which these men and women want to take advantage of their advantage, as it were. These professional politicians are astute enough — or their advisors are — to know that they will not have Trump long in the White House. He won’t be able to work with them nor they with him. He has already insisted that he will not divest his businesses. At some point they will want to remove him, one way or the other, because they see Mike Pence as someone they can work with — he’s one of them, after all, equally nutty but not some brazen, outspoken, loose cannon who is bound to get them and their country into a mess if he remains in office for very long.

The whole scenario leaves us breathless. One worries that, based on history, actions taken in haste are usually regretted at leisure. (Think: Iraq.) Once the dust has settled and the economy is in serious trouble and the planet under even more relentless attack, there will be a good deal of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth. Many who supported this car full of clowns will have regrets and those who supported a con-artist will begin to grasp the fact that they have been duped.

Once Trump’s nominees are approved, and most, if not all, will be (predictably) the Republicans will look to Trump to return the favor — after all this is high stakes politics: you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours — and Trump will wonder what the hell they are talking about. After all, this is a man who is not used to returning the favor; he is used to having others do him favors. His is a business world where money talks and, since he has a great deal of money, people listen. He is used to being heard and having people bend to his will — from all reports. When the professional politicians he will be surrounded by in Washington come to him to demand that he now help them get what they want since they delivered to him the cluster of incompetent people he wanted to surround himself with, he will balk. Surely. And, I predict, this will be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. This is when (if it doesn’t happen before) the Congress will take measures to remove Trump from office, either by resignation or impeachment.

The rest of us, of course, will be left holding the bag, as it were. We should at that point — though judging form past experience we will not — replace the entire elected body with another group that might approximate a reliable coterie of men and women who will actually represent the will of the voters and not the corporations. This is one feature of the British Parliament system the founders did not choose to incorporate into our Constitution, sadly: the ability of the government to dissolve itself due to inability to work together and initiate new elections to make possible the replacement of one set of clowns with another. The only way the voters can do this in our system is to wait for the elections to roll around, and the founders were convinced this is how it would work; but we have shown ourselves unable to do this in the past as we keep re-electing the same group of clowns. Until they step on our toes.



8 thoughts on “Euphoria

  1. As I consider the Republican euphoria of which you speak, I am mindful of a well-known Biblical caution:

    “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”. Proverbs 16:18, King James version, of course.

    Right now, the Republicans are in a state of euphoria, indeed — like the dog that finally caught the bus. It’s what comes next that gets complicated.

    I am confident they will overreach while claiming a non-existent “mandate”. They will suffer the consequences that hubris requires.

    The problem is that the rest of have to suffer the same consequences. It’s not going to be an enjoyable period of American history.

  2. Hugh, we were thinking along the same lines this morning, but I cited two GOP controlled state items where they rushed a decision and screwed up. This Congress screwed up on the ethics change that unwound in 24 hours and are screwing up on the ACA – why the rush? I heard Trump’s explanation, but it was preceded by a lie, so it was less tenable. Basically, he said we are doing Dems a favor by repealing this now What about the customers…..?


  3. The electorate, by your thoughts and mine as well, are unlikely to learn from this and make the same mistake in 2 years … 4 years … So what is the solution? I have a couple of ideas:

    a) put words of wisdom on all junk food wrappers … things that we have been trying to say, but to which they are not listening. Rather like fortune cookies. Subliminal persuasion, as it were, as I believe they are far more likely to look at the wrapper of their Hershey bar or potato chip bag than they are to hear what we are saying. If they see the message often enough, perhaps it will sink in without them even realizing it!

    b) Invent a new flavoured water or soda drink called Trump. All Republicans will buy it, just as they have its namesake. Lace it liberally with birth control, thus guaranteeing a thinning of the far right within a few short decades.

    Yes, I am being my usual snarky self, but the serious solutions, like better education, won’t likely happen anytime soon, so ….

  4. This Sentiment and Observation reminds me of a certain “Demonic Sonnet”.

    See NOW who cares for that o’er which you weep
    To spare the burden of your world’s foredoom
    Seen starkly; behold, the haunting specter creeps
    Among the binding fates spun on life’s loom!
    So wake the slumbered from their misery
    Which recklessness of pride has cruelly wove
    And pluck the web for loss and trembling
    Of idols in the soul for which they strove.
    Put off your noble youth and early oaths’
    Devout sublimity; raise up your cup
    To lusty Lethe and thunder with the strokes
    Of Judgment, treading out the ripened sup!
    They will not bear to flay their sacred cows
    But shades of death endure, and prostrate bow.

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