End Of That Road

I include here a segment of an article that was written by Mark Hertling, a retired military man who used to accompany presidents carrying “the football,” a black case containing the emergency response system that allowed the president to order nuclear strikes if necessary. In the article he describes the personal qualities that should be looked for in the President of the United States who has the nuclear codes and the authority to launch a nuclear attack:

Ultimately, the U.S. president should be cool under pressure, be able to keep a clear mind under the most intense circumstances; he or she must take a calm approach when presented with conflicting elements of information, have steady hand based on a seriousness of purpose, and must be willing to listen to subject matter experts and top advisers to help make the right decisions. Once these decisions are made, if the “buttons” or pushed or the “triggers” are pulled, it’s hard to turn back.

I trashed a longer post about the unimaginable situation that has developed with our now-sitting president who lacks every one of the qualities Hertling insists are necessary for a president to have in the event of an international incident. I will leave it to the reader’s imagination what I might have said, which was not at all optimistic. Thinking about Donald Trump and what he might or might not do as president has led to chronic pessimism on my part. It’s becoming harder and harder to keep my imagination from running amok. In any event, I have decided to post this abbreviated piece and be done with it.

In the future I shall try very hard not to read about this man and will certainly not write any more about him. It’s not good for my health or my relationship with others. I am becoming a brooding type and no one around me likes that sort of thing. And I don’t blame them — especially since my little blog is a pebble in the way of a torrent. Larger rocks must group together to dam the rush before it is totally out of control.


16 thoughts on “End Of That Road

  1. Maybe you can hang a shingle on the front of your blog page that, instead of saying “Gone Fishin,'” simply says “Impeach Trump.” Make it a standing, fixed feature, which keeps the point front and center but frees you to write about other topics for a time. You’ve done yeoman’s work in pointing out the perils of the Trumpet’s behavior ahead of the election, in the interim between election day and the inauguration, and in this brief but awful period since he took office. What did they used to call the stone that was the center of a structure’s construction? Keystone? You’ve provided that, Hugh, a necessary stone in this dam of resistance.

  2. Dear Hugh,

    Everyone needs a break from DT. Does anyone really wonder why Mrs. Trump is remaining behind in NY?

    But remember a lot of pebbles can create a big insurmountable obstacle.

    Ciao, Gronda

  3. Hi from ‘earthquake zone’ and I wish that every single person who has the comfort of a home and the security of income could visit this area.. Thoughts of Trump would vaporize until one returned to the cyberworld for reality checks… This morning I walked down muddy streets – muddy because the rainy season is here, and the ongoing destruction and reconstruction keeps the roads in horrid shape.. yes the fill is like concrete when it’s dry but then it turns to muck with rains… so i paused to photograph the unloading of materials, neatly stacked in identical piles.. i knew from previous trips here that each stack represented a basic kit house, donated by teh catholic churches of this area to help those who are being overlooked. i walked over to ask permission to photograh one lady recieving the materials, and another group called out, ‘lisa!’ wow, i knew them, they’ve been dear to me, so i photographed them as they loaded their truck.. they iinvited me to come to their huse site and phtograh them building the house.. in two days it will be built.

    they drove away, and the other lady, iliana, was stil waiting for her truck to arrive….

    maybe i’ll go out t casa loca and send the magic carpet to retrieve all of yu who are weary yet smartly cautious about ‘what’s next’ with trump…

    back to your post, however, i thought of the qualities kipling describes in the poem ‘if.’ you could do a post and break down each line and illustrate ‘someone’ who does the polar opposite!

      • I have noted several times that you live in Paradise and I wish we could all join you down there. You live among happy people. We seem to live among people filled with hate. Very, very sad.

  4. I understand this completely. It’s like being in a whirlpool. When everything becomes overwhelming and I am feeling my stress levels becoming harmful I resort to a favourite children’s book, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery. It’s a very adult children’s book, if you don’t know it – and the philosophy it enshrines is so beautifully and simply put… there is always hope in the face of the evils of the universe, but caring also means we are never going to be secure or entirely happy. Walk in the sunshine and gaze at the trees. Keep well.

  5. Hugh, as I mentioned a few posts ago, this man makes me weary. Yet, we should ignore what he says and look at his actions, which are a long and growing list of decisions that make us less safe, make us look like a bully and pariah in the world, and infringe on people’s rights and the environment. Jill’s post of today is a summary of how the President and Congress are doing a no-holds bare rape of America and far too many have no clue the havoc they have created. Keith

  6. My dear friend … I understand completely and hope you are able to find some peace. Your health and your family need to come first … as for the politics … at the end of the day it will be what it will be. We are all small pebbles. You as well as any know that I have often bemoaned the fact that I don’t think I make much of a difference. But I cannot seem to do otherwise, so I shall continue, believing as Gronda noted that a lot of pebbles can create a big rock. I shall now look forward to your posts for something to help me occasionally forget the dark side I walk on! And I will still be doing my Monday posts with you in mind … I always think of you when I do them and hope I can make you chuckle 🙂 Take care of yourself, my friend … I hope you know that you matter to many of us! All I ask is that you don’t start writing relationship advice or cooking tips! 😀 Hugs, dear friend!

    • That’s a promise. I do appreciate your friendship and will miss reading your posts. They are so well done and so important. But at the very least I must take a long break from it all. I will continue to check out your posts and read the ones that I know will delight! Take care. 🙂

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