It’s Working!

The NRA boycott of companies that do business with the NRA is actually working! God Bless the kids!! They started this after the shootings in Florida! See this:


8 thoughts on “It’s Working!

  1. Hugh, these kids have raised the bar and companies and others are responding. The NRA and its funded politicians gave up any semblance of the high road when gun safety became secondary to gun sales. These kids should be highly commended and deserved to be heard and not denigrated. They are on the side of the Angels. Keith

  2. internet options have been horrid; so glad to see some positive news, even if tragic events were the trigger/triggers.. poor choice of word there…

    am taking a timeout, one hour from home and in a little hotel – but alas, the internet is so weak it’s offline – even now… will send it when possible then call it a night.. one of these days i’ll catch up, but i have been able to load pages and read them offline.

    thanks for all that you do, hugh!

    and then it said, ‘this comment could not be posted’ which means the page need
    s to be refreshed…

    now it says, ‘your comment was interrupted.’ – what in the world does that mean?!!

    • Whatever it said, it came through and I was delighted to know you are alive and kicking! I am aware that your Hamsters sleep a great deal and your opportunity to receive and send words is a bit “iffy.” No problem as long as you are alive and well!

      • Thank you, Hugh! All’s fine, though some days/weeks it’s like living in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez setting.

        The rainy season is here, and the heavy rains have purged the mud from the roads, though I like to ‘stay put’ in bad weather. The hamsters usually do a pretty good job at the cyber store, where I use the wifi option. The owner of the store, however, is young (but responsible) and closes at the whim of the moment. Some days he leaves for lunch, tells me ‘Goodbye’ and locks the door as he leaves! Other days he just starts shutting down the computers, which signals, ‘that’s it for today…’ then there are days when the hamsters get lazy and don’t produce enough current, and the entire community is without power…

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