One Thousand!!

This is my one thousandth post! I started a few years back at the urging of my friend Dana because I thought it would be fun and keep my mind alive. I love to write and have strong opinions but I can’t sit at my computer for long stretches to write chapters for another book. So I thought the blog was ideal. And it has been — not only for the reasons given, but especially because I have met some remarkable people along the way, people I have come to respect and admire.

I admit some of my posts were reblogs from other sites that expressed ideas I shared but couldn’t have expressed as well. I have also  reblogged a few of my own older posts since the readership (such as it is) tends to change from time to time — except for my old friend Keith who stays the course for some reason! Moreover, in reading some of those old posts I realized that I said then what I wanted to say again and rather than repeat myself — which I am prone to do, I fear — I simply reposted. Is that cheating?? It is in the sense that it means this is not really my one thousandth post, strictly speaking. But I have been much wordier than I thought I could be and a few of the posts, as I look back, were not too bad. It has certainly been worth the time and effort.

In any event, I will be celebrating in my own quiet way and wondering if this can go on much longer. Yes or no, it has been a fun trip and I do thank those who have come along and hope they enjoyed the ride. Special thanks to Dana!